Adding Frameworks to an Xcode Project

A lot of Xcode projects require you to add additional frameworks to link against. Here’s how:

  1. Select the main project listing in the left column.
    Select Project

    Select Project

  2. Select Build Phases from the tabs near the top.
    Build Phases Tab

    Build Phases Tab

  3. Click the ‘+’ button in the “Link Binary With Libraries” section (you may have to twist it open.
    Select Frameworks

    Select Frameworks

  4. Choose the framework(s) you want to add, and click the “Add” button.
    Add Frameworks

    Add Frameworks

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  1. Drew

     /  June 19, 2012

    Thanks for the quick tutorial. I always have one issue with adding frameworks. When I add them they end up on the top level of my navigation bar. I don’t like them cluttering my navigation up, so I drag them into my frameworks folder. This then “delinks” them from my project. Then I have to remove them from the linked library list and drag the copies that are now in my frameworks folder into the linked library list. I must be doing something wrong. Any suggestions? Does that make sense? Thanks Andrew Wells

    • Yeah, that makes sense. It seems like that’s a bug with Xcode, and that it’s only cosmetic—it still works (you may have to quit and relaunch Xcode).

  2. I’m wondering why I didn’t come to your amazing blog earlier. Thanks so much for the elaborate tutorials. I’ve added your blog to my blogroll.

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